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Coping with a baby and a toddler

Coping with a baby and a toddler

If you’re expecting and already have a toddler, you may well be getting stressed about how your toddler will cope with the new arrival.  You’ll probably be even more worried about how you’ll cope! Here is some simple, but useful, advice on how to manage.

Don’t tell your toddler too early that a sibling is on the way.  Small children can only really envisage tomorrow- seven or eight months will seem like a lifetime.  As you start to show properly, you can then explain to your little one what’s happening and get him, or her, involved.  Feeling baby kick or ‘helping’ when buying baby things, as well as maybe coming along to ante-natal appointments will help him to feel a part of what’s happening.

At the same time make sure that you spend lots of quality time with your toddler before the baby arrives.  After the baby’s born things will change.  Build up some special memories and let him know how adored he is.  Look through your baby photo albums together so that he can make the link between the imminent arrival and himself.  Actively show him that the baby will not always be a baby, they will grow up like he did.

It’s also a good idea to get him used to the people who will take care of him when you go into labour, and afterwards.  Make sure that he is happy and comfortable with them, and that they know any of his habits and idiosyncrasies that will give him comfort e.g.  favourite ‘blankies’ or teddies etc.  Brief the carers on how much you want them to tell your toddler when the baby comes.  You may want you, or your partner, to tell him yourselves.

You and your toddler will be probably miss each other terribly when the baby is born, but it may be an ideal opportunity for your partner and toddler to bond.  When it’s baby and toddler’s first meeting it’s good advice to have baby in the cot so that your arms are free to cuddle and reassure your elder child.  Take it slowly and don’t push in any way.  This will be emotional for your child so make sure he knows how much you love him too.

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