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Quainton Hall School & Nursery

Quainton Hall School & Nursery

Quainton Hall School & Nursery
We at Quainton Hall School & Nursery are a happy, hardworking and successful school and nursery, with a strong family atmosphere and unique ethos.  We have been established since 1897 and even now, we look forward to seeing all the new faces that enter our school and nursery and see them blossom into smart and happy children with bright futures ahead of them.

Quainton Hall School & Nursery

We are based in Central Harrow and we are an IAPS preparatory school for boys aged 4 to 13 years, and for girls aged between 4 and 11 years.  Our Nursery is open to children aged between 2 and 4 years.  We exist to provide children with a broad, challenging education, set within a secure, caring and Christian ethos.

We aim to always treat our pupils as valued individuals and we pride ourselves in offering a small, secure and family orientated educational experience for them.

Our nursery is located approximately four minutes walk away from the main school.  It opens its doors to eager children each morning at 8.30am and closes them at 3.45pm.  The nursery is housed in its own premises with a brilliant outdoor classroom environment and fully enclosed garden.  It provides opportunities for a child's individual potential to develop through play-based activities.  Our goal is to provide a sound foundation for the social, emotional, intellectual, physical and spiritual development of your child in a way that is fun, un-pressured and stimulating.

Quainton Hall School & Nursery

Our School prides itself on its excellent preparation scheme for boys at the age of thirteen to successful transfer to senior schools of their parent's choice, which are mostly located within North London.  Our girls however are prepared for transfer at the age of eleven+.  We do much more than just prepare children for the next stage in their education; our curriculum is designed to teach skills and foster attitudes and values which will be of lasting value throughout their lives.  The essential attributes we prize on are creativity, communication, teamwork, determination and a sense of the value and dignity of others.

The life and soul of the school is to make each child shine in the areas and activities they are good at and to develop upon those they find difficult.  All of our team have this objective in mind when teaching their classes.  We also encourage the notions that learning is fun and interesting, and that the learning new things brings its own rewards.

All that we do is conducted in an atmosphere which promotes confidence, self-discipline, consideration and tolerance.  Our triple virtues are very important to us and we aim to teach the children the importance of them too - virtues which include: compassion, courtesy and courage.

Quainton Hall School & Nursery

We can only give you a glimpse into life at Quainton Hall, but the special atmosphere of this school and nursery cannot be contained purely in words and pictures.  Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on our school or you can arrange a visit and see first hand what we are like.  Or you can visit our social media page to hear about of latest news:

Call us today on: 02088 618 861
Email us on: adminquaintonhall.org.uk
Visit our website: www.quaintonhall.org.uk
Twitter: @QuaintonHall

Company:Quainton Hall School & Nursery
Address:91 Hindes Road
Contact:Nishma Aleksin-Shah
Telephone:02088 618 861
Quainton Hall School & Nursery
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Quainton Hall School & Nursery

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