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Water Babies - swimming classes for babies and toddlers | Baby development activities


   Waterbabies - swimming classes for babies
The concept behind Water Babies is simple.  We are teaching you to teach your baby to swim.  We teach children to save themselves from drowning and our highly sociable lessons encourage parents to make new friends; a bond enhanced through sharing an activity their children clearly adore.  We can gently guide you and your baby into an enchanting other world.  Where you'll experience the thrill of seeing them move freely and confidently through water, with a grace and autonomy you'll still rarely see on land.

The emphasis in is very clearly on strengthening the bond between you and your child and the two of you having fun.  However, there are also many more long-term benefits:

• Swimming from birth is excellent for your baby's health and development and its early introduction will avoid them experiencing a fear of water that can develop later on in childhood

• Water helps improve co-ordination and balance.  Lack of gravity also means that babies exercise more muscles (more effectively) in water than on land

A German study found that swimming babies had advanced motor development, social skills and intelligence.  Similar Finnish research showed that swimming babies crawled late but walked early - having developed excellent muscle control

• Despite the gentle structure of the lessons, each half-hour session provides a complete physical work-out: strengthening your baby's heart, lungs and respiratory system, which in turn aids development of the brain

• Learning to respond to commands can make your baby sharper mentally and increases levels of understanding

• Skin to skin contact is excellent for strengthening the bond between your baby and you.  Parents with more than one child also find it’s an excellent way to guarantee a weekly session where the focus is purely on their newborn

• Exercises that involve moving independently in water and holding on to the side are wonderful for your baby’s confidence.  Many parents also find that becoming familiar with handling their baby in water and sharing such a special experience is excellent for their confidence too

• Regular swimming in warm water both relaxes your baby and stimulates their appetite, leading to improved sleeping and eating patterns

Profile: Swimming with your baby is an amazing experience.  Bonding with your baby, building water confidence, and just having fun are all part of a Water Babies lesson.  Each lesson is carefully planned to fit in with your baby’s development stages and to progress from week to week – you learn at your baby’s pace together with the help of your Water Babies teacher! Each lesson is 30 minutes with the baby programme covering 40 weeks of lessons progressing into toddler lessons until the age of 4.  This is the start of something extraordinary!

For more information please contact 01295 709221 or email us at chasetheball@waterbabies.co.uk.  You can also visit our website for details.  We cannot wait to hear from you, whether it is just some advice as to what you do when you take your little one swimming, what to wear or more information about the classes, please call.  All lessons are delivered by fully qualified instructors.

Website: www.waterbabies.co.uk
Company:Water Babies - swimming classes for babies and toddlers | Baby development activities
Address:21 Middleton Road
21 Middleton Road
OX16 3QH
Contact:Tamsin Brewis
Telephone:01295 709 221 / 07774 693 609
Email:tamsin.brewis@waterbabies.co.uk OR chasetheball@waterbabies.co.uk
Category:antenatal classes, postnatal exercises
baby development activities
business opportunities
childrens activities
exercise classes
health, beauty and fitness
leisure clubs
pregnancy fitness
swimming classes
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Area scope:beds (bedfordshire)
herts (hertfordshire)
west midlands
Related words:antenatal classes, postnatal exercises, Health, Beauty and fitness

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